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 SPR Mk12 Mod0 Custom GBB

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PostSubject: SPR Mk12 Mod0 Custom GBB   21/03/14, 02:49 pm

SPR Mk12 Mod0 Custom GBB - Custom Build

- originally a WA M4 CQBR, which gradually was upgraded first with G&P metal body and parts, then full conversion to what it is now.
Never skirmished, but some range fire testing with it (ver.1 NPAS then) and got easily 150 mps (492 fps) with green gas.
- weight: 4.5 kg
- length: 114 cm (silencer on), 97 cm (silencer off, so it fits the case).

External parts list:
- G&P M4A1 Metal Body set (WP01)
- G&P 20'' M16A2 Aluminum Outer Barrel (WP50)
- G&P Special Forces 100M Silencer BK (GP698B)
- G&P WA Front Lock Pin (WP101)
- WA Tactical Latch & Hogue M4 Rubber Grip
- AG-K M16 SPR Rifle Conversion Kit - Long (Mod 0 Rail Sleeve, Upper Rail Guard, Front & Rear Flip-up Sights, Gas Tube, Cylinder-type Delta Ring)
- King Arms Leupold M3 Scope Set (3.5-10x40 Scope with Red IR Mil Sight; Scope Rings & QD Mount Base; Reflex QD Tactical 4-Reticle Sight Red/Green IR; Butler Creek Flip-up Covers)
- RS UTG Universal Shooter's Bipod - Tactical/Sniper Profile Adjustable Height (TL-BP69ST)
- RS Magazine Well Dust Cover (DCM16)
- Magpul PTS PRS Stock (GBB Version)

Internal parts list:
- Ra-Tech Precision Inner Barrel 6.03mm L-size (510mm)
- Ra-Tech Plastic Nozzle (Ver.2) with Tool Adjust NPAS
- Prime Hop Up barrel Guide for Western Arms M4 Series
- Prime Rear Adjust Hopup for WA GBB (scheme & long key included)

- G&P Stock on WA Buffer Tube (6 pos), Land Arms Rubber Stock Butt, Swivel Ring for 1-Point Sling
- 3 pcs brand new G&P WA Magazine O-ring sets (WP80)
- 3 pcs 50 Rds original WA mags, 3 pcs 42 Rds GHK mags, 4 pcs 50 Rds Bomber mags (BM-MAZ-02) so 10 mags total
Mags info here
- Old WA Plastic Nozzle, Ra-Tech spare (taken from a ver.1 NPAS nozzle)

Pret: 3624 ron 3126 ron
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Posts : 312
Join date : 2012-08-09

PostSubject: Re: SPR Mk12 Mod0 Custom GBB   17/04/14, 11:42 am

Up - pret nou: 3126 ron
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SPR Mk12 Mod0 Custom GBB
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