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 LBT6094B AOR 1 + Complete Pouch SET (REAL DEAL)

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PostSubject: LBT6094B AOR 1 + Complete Pouch SET (REAL DEAL)   03/02/14, 03:03 pm

LBT6094B AOR 1 + Complete Pouch SET

PRICE: 2200 USD / 7290 RON
DOM: FEB 2012

M4 mag pouch x 3 EI aor 1
M4 mag pouch x 4 EI aor 1
Pistol mag pouch x 2 EI aor 1
Flash bang pouch EI aor 1
General purpose pouch EI aor 1
Radio pouch HARRIS aor 1
Hydro pouch 100oz LBT aor 1
Slap charge pouch EI aor 2
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LBT6094B AOR 1 + Complete Pouch SET (REAL DEAL)
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